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Obamacare Repeal & Replace Finally Passes The House

ObamacareCall & write your Senators…Your healthcare is on the line! Obamacare repeal and replace has finally passed in the House but not so fast, this bill is far from being signed into law though what’s most disturbing is the lack of concern this administration has shown towards those most in need. (more…)

Trump’s First Meeting with Angela Merkel Tense

German Chancellor Angela Merkel stepped in to help hundreds of thousands of refugees fleeing war and chaos. Trump not only rejects the idea that the United States should act to prevent tragedies like Syria but also that it should help care for the millions of refugees fleeing the conflict. Trump and Merkel thus represent the two poles of the debate about refugees and responsibility in 2017.[RP True 45 IG]  (more…)

Colin Powell: GOP Candidates ‘Belittling’ The Country And Presidency

Colin PowellFormer Secretary of State Colin Powell has a message for the Republican Party: “We have to become more respectful of each other.” Speaking on the death of former first lady Nancy Reagan, Powell said he believed she would be “disturbed” by the way her husband’s legacy is invoked by some people today. (more…)

It’s hard to lead a nation of fools!

Powerful fools especially as President Obama became emotional today during his gun control speech.  Like him, it’s difficult for me to ascertain the objection to making it more difficult for the criminally insane to obtain guns in America.  (more…)

Attorney Keila Ravelo’s alleged double life jeopardizes one of the biggest anti-trust settlements in history!

Keila RaveloLifetime where you at?  This case is sure to come to a small screen near you as attorney Keila Ravelo and her husband’s alleged private affairs could unravel one of the biggest anti-trust settlements in history.   (more…)

President Obama Says Goodbye to Ambitious Mentees in White House Mentorship Program

President Obama said goodbye to more than two-dozen mentees who completed the White House Mentorship and Leadership Program.  Obama seems eager to help those who first try to help themselves.  This should be understandable given the fact that he himself came from meager beginnings and worked hard to overcome his circumstances.  (more…)