Common & Angela Ryre

Love is in the air and I’m here for this one! Rapper Common left his coyness home stepping out for the first time publicly with rumored lady-love, Attorney and CNN political commentator Angela Rye.

The couple was spotted together most notably during the 2017 Essence Music Festival in New Orleans.

She seemingly gushed about Common’s win at the Emmy’s saying:

I met a new woman today and she sat on my lap. I think she’s a keeper. #emmys #lettertothefree #the13th #netflix

Super proud of this guy for having a big #EGO, which is not to be confused with a big ego. Here he is giving thanks to the Almighty for his Emmy just like he does for taking every breath, every single day. I’m thankful for his tremendous example of humility, leadership, kindness, and creativity. May we all be inspired to #WORKwoke. ✊🏾💕 #heisSOdope #itsjustthebeginning #TonyhereheCOMES #soblessed Prov. 3:5-6 *

(if you haven’t heard “Letter to the Free” you’re missing out…download post haste)

Angela is also the Principal and CEO of IMPACT Strategies, a political advocacy firm in Washington, DC. Love to see accomplished women find love. Best wishes to these two.

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