South CarolinaIncidents of brutally aggressive police officers attacking young black teens is becoming all too common; begging the question, which is really responsible?

In this particular case, a disruptive South Carolina student arrested after refusing to leave the classroom at Spring Valley High School.  Officer Ben Fields was summoned and what happened next is very disturbing. 

Upon arrival, Fields is observed approaching the teen, grabbing and pulling her to the floor while seated behind a desk then flinging her several feet across the classroom.

This reminds me of the McKinney, Texas incident where a black teenager in a bikini was flung to the ground like a rag doll.  And like Officer Ben Fields in this case, that officer too had numerous complaints filed prior to a video going viral.

So, this leads me to believe more should be done from an administrative standpoint.  These two officers in particular should have been removed from public contact at least months before their violent natures were captured on video and perhaps immediately after more than one complaint of a similar nature was filed.

Fields, who is also Spring Valley Varsity’s Defensive Line Coach has at least two lawsuits pending, one in Federal court.

As for the teenager, all of this could have been avoided had she first complied with her teacher and the subsequent demands of Officer Fields.

Some lessons are tuff to learn.  As we can see; a crazy man with a gun is not one to play with.

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