Dame Dash on Jay Z elevator incident. (watch)
Dame Dash on Jay Z elevator incident. (watch)

Dame Dash gives perspective on elevator incident involving former business partner, Jay Z and sister-in-law Solange and rumor-Jay Z made a play for ex-wife, Rachel Roy.

Dame loves to take digs at Jay for partnering with corporate investors saying, “Jay has to be concerned with perception because he’s being paid by corporations.” I bet if Dame could command a seven-figure check from a corporation he would.

Furthermore, that’s what successful businessmen do-seek investors, partners, etc. and or leverage other people’s money no matter how deep their pockets are so Dame’s critique is rather lame.

Especially since his ex-wife, Rachel Roy is in that process now trying to save her defunct collection which she started with Dame in 2005.  Any criticism for her?

His address of the rumor, Jay made a play for his wife was kind of peculiar too saying, “If he was trying to holla at my wife though that was kind of fcked-up, but I don’t think he was doing that.”

That was almost like I wouldn’t put it past him but I don’t think he’s that low.  Jay is married yet he didn’t see fit to shoot the rumor down from that standpoint, hmmm.

All-in-all, he says the incident was funny but not before one last dig-that only he would be brave enough to tell Jay the truth and everyone else would simply laugh behind his back.

You can see he’s still hurting and misses his friendship with Jay but in all honesty, he would have been better-off keeping mum on this subject.