RHOA husband, Peter Thomas gave interview with Power 98’s Vonyetta, and disclosed wife, Cynthia Bailey’s salary being $1.5 Million.  Who knew Cynthia was pulling that in?  Well, Peter has received lots of backlash for this interview but in my humble opinion; spoke very sensibly.  Watch the clip and judge for yourself.  

Peter ThomasAs he said, “you can’t make someone want to be with you.”  And if she doesn’t want to, he’s seems prepared and willing to let her go.  But, was he wrong for disclosing her salary?

He seem to speak as though it were public knowledge for some reason.

Anyway, it’s understandable why he chose to walk away.  At this point, what’s in it for him to stay.  This could very-well be a ploy to get a BRAVO check or just him learning from what he considers to be the mistakes of others like, Greg and Nene who we know eventually reunited, but like he said; he doesn’t want to watch his wife date other men and be around for BRAVO to pry into the demise of his marriage.

I wish them all the best be it together or apart.

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Photo credit IG, Peter Thomas.