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Bad girl Ri Ri aka Rihanna came under fire after posting several “fan” posts captioning her admiration for married, NBA champion, LeBron James.  

Rihanna-“Self-proclaimed man-savage!”

Whether you deem the posts appropriate or not; I don’t think even Rihanna would be bold enough to go public if something truly adulterous was going on.

However, I do feel more respect should be shown the Mrs. in situations like this.  It was the “Bae” comment in particular that most took offense to.

As a celebrity woman; she should know better, but in true Rihanna fashion; she posted the following video seemingly unbothered by all the criticism.

It’s always okay when the shoe’s on the other foot, but here’s to living up to ones reputation.

LeBron James and family
LeBron James and family

So far, Mrs. Savannah James has kept things classy by not responding.

Congratulations again to LeBron and the entire Cav family!

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