Bryshere GrayEmpire star Bryshere Gray aka Yazz The Greatest or better known as Hakeem Lyon at this point is having the time of his life.  At just 21, he’s starring in a hit show while fulfilling his dreams of becoming a huge rap artist. 

It was not long ago the undiscovered Gray flipped pizzas at a local Pizza Hut to make ends meet while pursuing his rap dreams after hours.

He admits to not feeling fully developed as an actor but says each day he’s working at it.  I think he’s doing a phenomenal job acting and performing but I digress.

Fast-forward today, one his ex-girlfriends reminisced on the time they had expressing remorse over the their break-up.

Bryshere Gray

And these are the breaks!  I’m sure she’s not alone but what was the point in posting this?

I’m sure his little chest stuck-out a few more inches after hearing about this.  🙂

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Photo credit Lipstick Alley