Tasha SmithEven though Tasha Smith hails from Camden, New Jersey her street smarts weren’t enough to peep ex, Rory Douglas’s game. 

Surprisingly enough, Tasha learned after their ill-fated nuptials that her Mr. was not even close to the man he presented himself to be.

Get this, he had been married fives times prior, concealed his number of kids, past criminal conduct and failure to pay taxes for almost a decade.

Tasha told the judge during their short courtship, he told her he was a preacher and presented himself as a man of faith.

I happen to know of two other cases like this.  Ladies, we’re living in times where background checks are essential!

Tasha Smith
Florence, Italy

Lucky for Tasha, she has God’s favor and is currently enjoying a fabulous vacation in one of my favorite cities, Florence, Italy.

She took time away to share:

Tasha Smith

Keep smiling pretty lady, the best is yet to come!

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