Singapore #1
Singapore #1

The Economist Intelligence Unit has just published it’s 2014 Worldwide Cost of Living survey, which looks at the cost of 400 price indicators including housing, transportation, food, fuel and clothing.

The highest ranked U.S. city is New York at 26th (AVG-1bdr City Centre- $2,800). London is ranked 15th (AVG-1bdr City Centre-$2,500).  The ten most expensive cities and average cost-1 bedroom rentals in USD are:

1. Singapore (AVG-1bdr City Centre-$3,382)

2. Paris, France (AVG-1bdr City Centre-$1,600)

3. Oslo, Norway (AVG-1bdr City Centre-$1,600)

4. Zurich, Switzerland (AVG-1bdr City Centre-$2,038)

5. Sydney, Australia (AVG-1bedroom City Centre-$2,050)

6. Geneva, Switzerland (AVG-1bedroom City Centre- $2,103)

7. Tokyo, Japan (AVG-1bedroom City Centre- $1,300)

8. Melbourne, Australia (AVG-1bedroom City Centre-$1,517)

9.  Caracas, Venezuela (AVG-1bedroom City Centre- $260)

10. Copenhagen, Denmark (AVG-1bedroom City Centre- $1,100)




photo by: edwin.11