Floyd Mayweather Jr. & Daughter and baby mama.
Floyd Mayweather Jr., Daughter and Baby Mama.

Boxing great Floyd Mayweather Jr. continues his praise for positive black role models this week after his comments suggesting women should “dress how you want to be addressed” in this message posted to Instagram last week sparked controversy.   

Floyd's Post

This seems sensible to me especially coming from a man with a daughter, right?

Maybe some find it hypocritical since Floyd is known to juggle several women and is one who loves exotic dancers from time to time.  So this could very well be a case of do as I say and not what I do kind of thing.

Floyd enjoys the strip club, Vegas!
Floyd  Vegas!

Be that as it may, the message is clear and needs to be said.  Our girls are being unduly influenced by images in the media these days and there needs to be more balance.

This week Floyd posted more cryptic messages and I for one applaud him.

Floyd's Post
Floyd’s Post

And another,

"These are good role models for my daughter."
“These are good role models for my daughter.”

Kudos to you Floyd, hypocrisy and all!

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