Ray Nagin & wife Seletha

Ray Nagin & wife Seletha

U.S. District Judge Helen Berrigan sentenced former New Orleans mayor, Ray Nagin (58) to ten years in Federal prison yesterday, July 9th.

Nagin was convicted on February 12th for money laundering, bribery and other forms of corruption.  He is alleged to have accepted more than $500 million in illicit funds spanning his two terms.

The bribes came by way of businessmen seeking contracts with the city of New Orleans and/or support on other projects.  He received the bribes in the form of money, free vacations for he and his family and truckloads of granite for his family business.

After sentencing, Nagin smiled and left the courtroom with his wife Seletha and other family members.

He is schedule to report to Federal prison in Oakdale, Louisiana in September.

Funny thing is, Nagin was already a millionaire before he took office.  Greed will get you every time!