Livin Lozada
Shaniece Hairston & Evelyn Lozada

I enjoy OWN’s, ‘Livin Lozada’ with Evelyn Lozada (formerly of Basketball Wives, Miami) and her beautiful daughter, Shaniece Hairston.  Evelyn’s transformation is undeniable; however, after last week’s episode, I’m starting to wonder if her daughter Shaniece was taught to rely on beauty a little too-much.  

Shaniece (23), an aspiring model grumbled, “I’m not going to look like this forever.  I’m tired of being patient-I want to work now,” in one episode.  She went on to say she’s made a lot of sacrifices for her career by dropping out of college and not moving to England with her boyfriend.


Seemingly totally oblivious to how the real-world operates; I’d say Shaniece like many “reality” TV stars has been jaded by the fame and instant notoriety.  “I want to work,” she says, but at exactly what? Modeling and starting a swim wear line which are ambitious aspirations for even the well-established, let alone Shaniece, who is still a virtual unknown and unfortunately lacks the spunk and personality of her mother.

I wish her well, though she hasn’t a clue!  These are the pitfalls of being handed everything, I guess; but perhaps, enrolling in a business course will do her some good.

Livin Lozada aires Sundays at 9 PM on OWN.

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