Richard Parsons
Richard Parsons

In a desperate attempt to restore order, the league has moved quickly hiring Ex-Time Warner Chief, Richard Parsons as the LA Clippers new CEO.

Parsons will oversee the team’s business operations while the league continues the process of removing current owner Donald Sterling behind racially charged comments secretly recorded and released last-week.

Despite Mr. Sterling’s lifetime ban, his wife Shirley wants to maintain control of the team.

She told the LA Times the sanctions imposed against her husband should not apply to her or her family and therefore hired a law firm to help her retain ownership of the team.  

Wow, talk about no remorse!  In spite of the circumstances she should be acting in the best interest of the team/players.  I’m sure now more than ever they are feeling like disgruntled players can kick rocks since they were able to attract/hire such a prominent African-American after the scandal became public.