We can no longer afford to ignore the epitome of self-hatred so eloquently exemplified by former NBA star and sports commentator, Charles Barkley whose latest attempt to justify the recent shooting of Philando Castile left even White ESPN hosts baffled.

Saying, “What I think happened, cop said, can I have your ID and then the next thing he [Philando] said was; I have a gun and then he reaches, and I think the cop just panicked. [ESPN] “I know, but Charles, they are more likely to panic around Black people.”  [Charles] “Well Dan, because in fairness some black people out there well; they’re crooks.”

Okay, there is so much wrong with Charles Barkley’s statement I’m not sure where to begin.

First, the statement implies that only Black people commit crime.

Secondly, it sounds like he’s saying because Black people commit a higher rate of violent crime; it should be expected or excused when a cop mistakenly takes the life of any Black man.  This is ridiculous but I can only agree if he’s including himself of course.

Thirdly, how can Charles Barkley attempt to rationalize the slaying of Black men as though they aren’t human beings in situations like this?

Officers of the law aren’t infallible and just like you and I make mistakes; there are consequences for every action which is why extreme caution should be used before pulling the trigger.

The Minnesota police officer did panic; in my opinion, but quickly went into “let me cover my ass” mode before Diamond, Castile’s girlfriend redirected him saying, “No sir, you asked for his ID and it was in his back pocket.”

Philando Castile

Of course, the officer had no retort for that!

All I’m saying is this; we are living in very serious times!  If we don’t respect ourselves no one else will.  It’s time to get organized and make our voices louder than those who wish to disrespect and silence us.  Our lives are just as valuable as any other member of the human race and silence in these matters is equivalent to consent.


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