Jada Pinkett-SmithDon’t Talk About My Baby!  There’s something to say about a mother and her kids.  TMZ caught up with actress Jada Pinkett-Smith.  

After inquiring about the controversy surrounding the photo of her thirteen-year-old daughter Willow Smith and twenty-year-old friend Moises Arias of ‘Hanna Montana’ fame, Jada in a very unapologetic way let the pap know-you are sick and perverted to take something sexual from that photo.

The photo depicts Willow lying in bed with a shirtless Moises.  I agree with Jada, there’s nothing sexual about the photo and wondered why such a big deal was being made.

Willow Smith & Moises Arias
Willow Smith & Moises Arias

California has a different vibe-very-free-spirited and no one evokes that more than Willow Smith.  She’s simply hanging out with a friend.

I bet Will and Jada have things under control a lot more than given credit.  Parents tend to give leeway to kids that have earned their trust.

She’s said on numerous occasions Willow is very mature for her age and I don’t think she meant sexually.

Jeez, just let them live!