Jaelyn Young
Jaelyn Young

This story hits close to home on so many levels.  Jaelyn Young, once considered an exemplary person, child and student now feels “shame” after being sentenced to twelve-years for a foiled attempt to join the Islamic terrorist group ISIS.  

The Vicksburg Post is reporting:

Vicksburg native Jaelyn Young, who once sought to disguise a planned journey to Syria as her honeymoon, told U.S. District Judge Sharion Aycock that she finds what she did “surreal,” adding she felt shame over her actions and sorrow for the humiliation she caused her family.

“I wasn’t myself. I said and did things that were so contrary to me,” the 20-year-old Young said, hunching her shoulders as she broke down in sobs. “Much of this remains surreal to me.

“When things really began to snap back into place, then I began to feel shame,” Young added.

Aycock, in addition to ordering prison time, also sentenced Young to 15 years of probation, including a requirement that she undergo mental health treatment and that probation officers be allowed to search her electronic devices to ensure she wasn’t engaging in any pro-terrorist activity online.

She and her parents told the judge that Young had turned to Islam amid an emotional crisis she experienced as a chemistry student at Mississippi State University.

That crisis ultimately led to Young adopting the radical version of Islam espoused by the Islamic State, contacting undercover FBI agents posing as Islamic State members online in May 2015 in an attempt to join the group, and secretly using credit cards to buy tickets to Istanbul for herself and her fiance, Muhammad Dakhlalla of Starkville.

Dakhlalla pleaded guilty on March 11 to a similar charge and is set to be sentenced Aug. 24.

This is so sad and for me, still rather inexplicable.

Her father-police officer, mother- school superintendent and she a champion gymnast, cheerleader, honors student, homecoming maid and aspiring physician just all of a sudden seeks to join ISIS.

How drastic!

Let this unfortunate incident serve as a cautionary tale.  The lines of communication go both ways.  We must listen as well a direct our children.

Some lessons are indeed difficult to learn; however, twelve-years is better than a life.

The entire article is worth a read

May God strengthen this family!

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