Have you ever found yourself in a moment of awkward silence?  I sure have and usually said something I later regretted.

Emotional validation is an authentic human need.  Whenever we speak, we unconsciously seek approval from others.  But we have to be careful and aware that anything can happen once our true feelings are disclosed.

Critical information is obtained by listening, not speaking.

When we reveal our inner thoughts, we are consciously making a decision to empower others.  Knowledge is power and most times, the less people know about you the better.

As my dear Aunt use to say, “Mad day will come.”

Making small talk can be excruciating but before we divulge anything of substance, we need to be sure the recipient is worthy.

The responsibility of making others feel comfortable is a burden.  Instead, we need to get comfortable with silence and know that words truly are like toothpaste, once you squeeze them out, you can’t put them back in.