Kandi's Wedding

Kandi’s Wedding, Episode 2 found Kandi in full wedding mode.  Her wedding planner and best friend, Carmen is “MIA” and Kandi’s is frustrated.  She vents, “I just can’t deal with her working for me anymore.”  The guys all seemed to ignore her as they looked away.

However, Johnie the wedding planner stepped up and was ready for action.

Kandi and her team auditioned dancers for the wedding.  She’s planning a “Coming to America” theme and wants African dancers leading the way before her grand entrance.

She meets with her dad for lunch and explains her parents divorced when she was four.  She would like both parents to be involved in the ceremony so her idea is to have her father a pastor as the officiant and her mother give her away.

Kandi meets with her mom who continues to berate Todd.  This time she tells Kandi Todd’s father who died when he was three-years old was a pimp and his mother was a prostitute.

It’s amazing how Kandi has the stomach for this.  She could at least put her foot down to say, this is the man I love and plan to marry.  I don’t want to hear anymore negativity about him or his family from you.

That little-bit would go a long way as the non-stop disrespect is starting to weigh on Todd.

Kandi and her team meet at the wedding venue which is basically raw space.  They realize there is much to be done but Kandi in her usual; “I can do anything” mindset is not deterred.

Todd meets with RHOA star, Apollo Nida at the gym.  He asked his advice about the pre-nup and mentioned Kandi hadn’t given him the document yet. The wedding is getting close and he says he won’t sign anything just because she gives it to him.  

He is right!  She shouldn’t give him the document at the last-minute without affording him and opportunity to have it reviewed by his legal team.

Kandi needs to consider the man she plans to marry as well and stop making everything about her.  The pre-nup should protect both parties.

Mama Joyce meets Kandi and Todd at the office.  Within minutes the insults start which prompt Todd to confront her about the “pimp” comment.

She didn’t back down when Todd asked if she said it saying, “That what I was told by someone that knows them.”

Todd asked that she bring these people forth and a huge argument ensues.

Mama Joyce is an unintelligible woman who has now become a bully.  I find her behavior appalling to say the least and it’s sad to see how she has brainwashed her daughter over the years.

Kandi’s so torn and confused!  She was raised to believe no one else matters outside her immediate family in particular Mama Joyce.

Next week, Todd’s mom comes to town and the gloves are off!

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