Kandi's Wedding

Kandi’s Wedding Episode 4 was all about the pre-nup which Kandi allegedly gave Todd just 48-hours before the wedding.

Kandi’s a Taurus but I find it strange that she would procrastinate on such an important document.  It was very arrogant of her to assume her document is 100% non-negotiable.

Todd is right to have concerns because he’s at a huge disadvantage.

One of their issues involves the house where they reside.  All along, Kandi has said they bought the house together.  She paid for the house and he takes care of monthly expenses.

If Todd exhausts his monies maintaining this house he would not afford on his own merit; is it fair to just kick him out with nothing in the event things don’t work-out between he and Kandi?

I say no!  He deserves a piece of the equity in their home as well.

Kandi was unreasonable to give him the document so late.  They were engaged for months; why didn’t she have the pre-nup drafted before the wedding preparations began?

She is smart to have a pre-nup for sure but can’t be completely unfair about the terms and expect her fiancé to be okay with it.

Both Bachelor and Bachelorette parties were gross!  Phaedra once again displayed her questionable taste by hiring a little person and big mama strippers.

Phaedra’s husband Apollo couldn’t seem to take his eyes off the strippers at Todd’s party.  I guess he’d better enjoy it while can since his days on the outside are winding down.

Next week is the season finale and wedding.  I guess they were able to resolve their issues since they are indeed husband and wife.

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