Amber RoseKanye West is dead in the water after Amber Rose weighs in on the Twitter beef between he and ex-hubby Wiz Khalifa. 

It’s getting hot in here must be the feeling in the Kardashian-West home. Kanye forgot, you never pick fights with someone who has less to lose; especially, when that someone knows where your skeletons are buried.

He indeed went too far as you read below and this all because he mistakenly took a weed reference by Wiz “KK” to be a jab at his wife, Kim Kardashian.

He’s so Kardashian-focused, they need not hire body guards or even a PR team with Kanye on deck.

Kanye has since deleted these tweets but this begs the question; is there really a difference between a privileged whore vs. a struggle whore or is a whore a whore just the same?

Anyway, Amber Rose responded in classic Muva fashion:

Amber RoseAmber Rose

Drop the mic!!!!!  He gone learn.

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