Kanye WestKanye West has been all over the media lately and I suspect this is the beginning of the “we told you so” era.  You see, social media warned the rap mogul that the Kardashian/Jenners would bail on him once he was no longer useful and it seems his young sister-in-law’s deal with Puma could be a clear indication of such. 

Kanye publicly stated Kylie would never sign a deal with Puma and divide the family but he couldn’t have been more wrong.  The young mogul in the making had done just that despite her brother-in-law’s deal with their competitor, Adidas.  No doubt, momager Kris Jenner was fully aware and probably negotiated the deal, making it clear; money talks and Kanye’s bullshit can walk.

Funny his new song, “Famous” referenced Taylor Swift and not his so-called family who have all shot to super-stardom from their affiliation with Ye.

Kanye West
Season 3 Show

This photo subtly shows the family has begun distancing themselves from Yeezus.  Their social media support for his Season 3 collection was shown almost exclusively through photos of themselves excluding the man himself whose crazy antics by some accounts, have become a liability.

Could this be poetic justice?  At least one model complained that Kanye took advantage of the 1,200 young black extras who stood on stage for hours in thrift store clothing while and audience of mostly whites chanted N*gger at them.

Kanye West

All the rants and meltdowns are manifestations of something more sinister in this mans life.  The Kardashian/Jenner brood’s come-up off Kanye’s back is real, and the day will be a tragic one for West once the discard comes to full fruition.

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Photo credit IG, Kim Kardashian West & Kanye West Daily