Swizz Beatz @ The Breakfast Club!
Swizz Beatz @ The Breakfast Club! (click to play)

Swizz Beatz aka Kaseem Dean stopped by the Breakfast Club this morning to clear up a few rumors and talked in-dept about his Harvard experience.

When asked what made him decide to go back to school, he said a lot of people get complacent with their success and need to elevate their brand.

No matter how successful you are he said he didn’t feel comfortable with the language in business meetings and felt he needed the credentials for people to take him seriously.

Swizz @ Harvard Business School!
Swizz @ Harvard Business School!

He says, “Money doesn’t make you smart!”

The multi-millionaire says he’s a small-guy in his class financially and wanted to have the full Harvard experience by staying in the campus dorms.

After completion of the program in 2016 he will officially be a Harvard Alumni and is hoping to inspire others to go back.

When asked about the recent rumor regarding him flirting with a fitness trainer on Instagram, he said he was putting her in touch with his wife, Alicia Keyes and regrets seeing the media make a headline of that and not all the other positive things he’s doing.

He touched on family saying, “I’m in love with my wife, like for real real,” and said he and ex-wife Mashonda are in a good place for the sake of the kids.

Swizz Beatz & Alicia Keyes
Swizz Beatz & Alicia Keyes-Love!

Definitely a worthwhile interview!