Keyshia Cole
Keyshia Cole

If you’ve followed Keyshia Cole’s career, you know it doesn’t take much to set the Oakland native off.  But now with some longevity under her belt-when will she learn to play the game?

Keyshia called in to the Ryan Cameron Morning Show and things started off well until V-103 DJ, Wanda Smith asked, “Do you think you are wifey material?”   Keyshia responded, “Y’all really f-cking with my sh-t right now. I got some other sh-t going on. What y’all want to talk about right now,” Keyshia said. “Are you trying to insinuate that I was one-dimensional?”

V-103 DJ Wanda Smith
V-103 DJ Wanda Smith

Wanda went on to clarify what she meant by the question saying, “I simply meant that I wondered whether Keyshia was at a point in her career where she could be a wife and mother since she’s so busy.”

In an attempt to further explain, the DJ tried to draw parallels between Keyshia and her good friend Monica Brown whom has put marriage and motherhood before career.

To that Keyshia replied, “Listen, Monica I’m sure she’s doing her thing. This isn’t the first rodeo for Monica; she’s been through the ringer and this that and another, but at the end of the day we can handle all of that,” Keyshia replied. “It’s just the point of the man taking care of his business. We’re good. We handle our sh*t. We do what we do, period. I don’t know what to tell you about that.”

She followed that up with a laugh and joked about slapping Wanda Smith.  But then got serious again pointing out having a career doesn’t mean you can’t be a good wife and mother.  Saying many women are able to work, be a wife and raise their kids.

Continuing on she said, “They don’t give women enough credit. We juggle a lot; we take care of our men; we handle our job; we do all kind of craziness to make sure the household is stable and we don’t get enough credit for it.”  “Make sure you’re taking care of home before you go out there and do what you do because men do what they do. I really don’t feel like there’s no dude out there that’s going to keep it 100. That’s what I see.”

Shortly after the interview ended, she went on Twitter and let all of her followers know that she didn’t like how the on-air  interview went-down.  Take a look:

All these threats to radio stations are only hurting your career.  You need spins to win Keyshia and it’s about time you figured out-it’s not personal, a DJ’s job is to provoke and the sooner you realize that the better.

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