Daniel GibsonRemorseful and contrite Daniel Gibson estranged husband to R&B Diva, Keyshia Cole gave an in-dept interview with Rolling Out magazine detailing what went wrong in the couples failed marriage.

Though Gibson was quite candid in the interview the one question he seemed to dance- around was the most significant-did he cheat.  

“I won’t say that I didn’t cheat, but I will say that I cheated my wife out of a friend in a lot of situations where I was supposed to hold her down and I didn’t. I cheated my wife out of a lot of different things.”

Of course, men learn ‘guy code’ at a very young age; never admit to anything, right?

But he did admit to a lot.

Gibson says he accepts full responsibility for everything that didn’t go right in the relationship, saying he just wasn’t a good person for her at the end of the day.

The couple began dating in 2009 and wed in 2011.  They have an adorable four-year old son Daniel Jr. or DJ as he is affectionately called who both are committed to despite the break-up.

Maybe going public will serve them well.

Read entire interview here.