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Khloe Kardashian takes next as she offends Native Americans wearing traditional headdress at baby North West’s first-year birthday bash.

I don’t know how much more publicity can be given this subject before people heed this as unacceptable behavior.

Some of the comments posted to Khloe’s Instagram read:

“You’re so ignorant, I am not your mascot!”

“I am Native American.  This offends me.  This is not a Halloween costume.  Why don’t you show some Armenian pride if that’s your heritage?”

This year Amber Rose at Coachella and Pharrell Williams on the cover of Elle Magazine received a firestorm of criticism for wearing the traditional headdress.

Pharrell has taken responsibility for his mistake and issued a public apology.

The headdress also called war bonnets are seen as objects of great spiritual importance and traditionally should never be worn without tribal leaders consent.  

They are items of high respect and great honor worn on special occasions marking brave deeds.

Again, are we just not caring in 2014?

Images courtesy of Khloe Kardashian’s Instagram.