Kim & Kanye
Kim & Kanye

Call me a skeptic, but is it possible Kris, Kanye or Kim bought copies to inflate sales of their Vogue cover?

This would certainly spare them an awful lot of embarrassment?

Think about it, Kim and Kanye are arguably the most narcissistic couple known to man so this certainly wouldn’t be beneath them.

This kind of thing happens in the music business all the time so could this be the damage control measures discussed at the dinner meeting with Vogue Editor, Anna Wintour just days after its release?


I still believe they have some making-up to do with Anna so what better way than to buy-out their magazines and increase sales.

Kim & Kanye will now go down on record as highest-selling cover which may ultimately open the door for more opportunities and Wintour’s poor decision will be vindicated.

The Kardashian’s are master manipulators so there’s no way I’m convinced they legitimately sold that many copies.  Hmm, (400K x cover price) sounds like money well-spent if you ask me.

Photo courtesy of Kim Kardashian’s Instagram; @kim kardashian

2 comments on “Did Kim & Kanye Buy Vogue Copies to Boost Sales?!?”

  1. be real…Kim had the highest selling cover of a magazine in 2013. no matter if people like her or not be honest with yourself…their show gets about 3mill viewers a week and kanye is one of the most well respected hip hop artist. this cover was going to sell regardless of the hate.

    • I disagree. If you check the ratings at “TV by The Numbers” you will see KUWTK have been on a downward spiral (down by almost 50% from Season 8). And, if Kim had the highest selling cover of a magazine last year (which I doubt) it was a weekly. People behind the scenes at Vogue are talking and the general sentiment is sales of the April issue were abysmal and putting KimYe on the cover was a mistake. Also, Kanye had major problems selling seats for his last tour so I think you meant Kanye ‘was’ one of the most well-respected hip hop artists. This is a damage control tactic whether you choose to believe it or not.

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