Kim & KanyeOkay, I realize I’m broke and that may be all the explanation needed, but I have to ask-what rich man allows a wealthy man to borrow his fiancée at $500,000 for the night?  Answer, Kanye West.

My only conclusion is, these folks aren’t really caked-up the way they portray themselves.  People typically do what they have to.  Remember the movie, Indecent Proposal?

So Kim Kardashian accepted the proposal.  Upon arrival, proceeded to act demure and disrespectful towards the wealthy, Austrian businessman, Richard Lugner who stated Kim was annoying him and not following the plan.  If Kim really wasn’t into it; why bother?????  You’re already super-rich, right?  Doesn’t money afford-one options?

As the night went on, Kim claimed to have been disrespected over and over again, one patron even showing up in black face, pretending to be Kanye-asked her to dance.  She declined and the guy responded, if the orchestra played “N****rs in Vienna.” you would have accepted.  Duh, if you conduct yourself like a tramp, chances are people will treat you as such.

Is this only strange to me?  Sure, other celebrities have entertained his offer but were they engaged or married?  This seems awfully disrespectful on one hand and pimpish on the other.  Not sure who’s the grandest-pimp-of-them-all-Kanye or Momma Kris-whom Kim at the last minute, suggested dance with the 81 year old in her place.

All of this is alleged but if true, these folks are a joke!  Is Kanye going to beat-up some Austrians now?  Sounds like the Austrians got a good-laugh at Kim’s expense!

The things we do for love, I mean money!

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