Blood, Sweat & Heels cast.Am I the only one obsessing over Bravo’s new reality series, “Blood, Sweat & Heels”?  Week- after-week, I find myself looking more-forward to the next episode.

This group of upwardly-mobile women continue to bring the drama, but not so much in a way that we’ve seen before.  All of the ladies are fascinating in their own right, but unlike RHOA and other shows alike, this show feels more authentic.  These women all seem to know who they are, where they want to be, and how to go about getting there.

Last nights episode showed Daisy hanging out at Melyssa’s place.  After sitting on Melyssa’s bed; Daisy would discover a vibrator tucked-away under the sheets. But, get this-neither appeared the least bit embarrassed!  The eww, was when Daisy proceeded to play around as though it were a microphone.  Not sure what she was thinking; however, love their chemistry.

Mica continues to show her vulnerability.  Her mom came for a visit and their relationship seems very special.  However, there’s something about her boyfriend Terry, that just doesn’t sit-well.  One, he should not have confessed his cheating ways to her mom without having discussed his intentions with Mica first.  Even though not much came of it, things could have gotten very ugly.  Mica seems to have deep-rooted emotional issues and  uses humor to mask her pain.  Her nuttiness is funny; nonetheless, I’m hopeful she and Geneva will eventually get past their issues.

Even though Demetria gives out advice for a living, she comes across very judgemental and dismissive.  “Don’t waste my time” is definitely the ora she gives-off.  I’m sure there’s a story behind her disposition, but if she’s not careful; she will be remembered as the “angry black woman.” I’ve not figured out why she can’t get past her issues with Daisy, didn’t seem that serious on camera.

Geneva always brings a good-laugh and no-nonsense attitude.  Her scene with Mica at Daisy’s party was hard to watch.  She was right to walk-away from the confrontation-to be so mature at her young age; I predict she has a bright future-ahead.  Love her scenes, just hilarious!

Miss Daisy is just a breath of fresh air!  She always seems to make the most of every situation and her outlook is always positive.  Like Mica, her mom came for a visit as well and they too, have a relationship to be admired.  At the party, she did a style workshop and Melyssa followed with a sweet-toast.

Brie seems a bit out-of-touch and sheltered.  Sure, Mica’s behaviour was inappropriate at her families-home; however, once she learned of her father’s passing, seems like a true-friend would empathize.  Hopefully, their friendship will mean enough that both can take responsibility for their actions and get past this.

Melyssa is so open and honest that you have to admire her resolve.  She appears to be the underdog but I suspect, not for long.  Changing public-perception is never easy yet she seems to do it with such humility.

All-in-all, great cast!  Can’t wait til next week’s episode!  Will you be watching?