Leolah BrownLeolah Brown, sister to singer Bobby Brown continues her warring with Pat Houston even though Bobbi Kristina hasn’t been laid to rest. I say enough already! 

Money brings out the worst in people and the Brown/Houston families are no different.  Does Leolah expect us to believe that her antics aren’t in fact motivated by greed or better yet, envy?

She really needs to stop this show of disrespect!

Whether Pat Houston is behaving appropriately or not; the universe has a way of correcting all things.

We don’t need the sideshow or spectacle this woman is creating.  And she even had the gall to question why Pat hasn’t defended herself publicly against her claims.

She wrote: ‘You notice, no matter what I say, Pat never says anything following, to at least defend herself? Just think about it. Use your God-given brains. If, what I was saying was untrue or just talking for no reason at all…whey would she not defend herself if I am wrong?

‘…I will tell you. Because SHE CANNOT talk back to truth. She has no leg to stand on.

‘Furthermore, she is not the sweet quiet person that she “tried” so hard to make people believe she was on the Oprah show. She would like the public to think that.but she is very good and polished on keeping her composure when she is under the microscope.’

Leolah goes onto claim: ‘Whitney and I spoke on this on many occasions – so don’t let her fool you. Although she is being quiet, she is indeed heated right now! Because her world is tumbling down!’


Here’s a thought, because you’re an idiot Leolah Brown!

RIP Bobbi Kristina!

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