Music MogulsLast night’s episode of BET’s, Music Moguls was like witnessing the demise of a broke…I mean broken man.  No, Dame Dash isn’t broke in the literal sense and has really accomplished a lot in his lifetime.  His tenacious persistence should be applauded; however, the truth is something that seemingly escapes him.

His struggle with reality is real.  On one hand; he accuses every one of cheating him and on the other says; no one is willing to do business with him.  Sounds a bit delusional, right?

Byron AllenDame’s conversation with TV mogul, Byron Allen was painful to watch, and left me wondering; how does a person who deems himself a smart business man allow himself to be cheated in one business transaction after another?

Seems like most prudent people would put the proper mechanisms in place to protect themselves; especially, after the first bad business deal.

BET's Music MogulsIt must be draining spending time in his presence.  His poor girlfriend Raquel Horn looks so defeated here; I bet Dame wears her out (mentally).

Anyway, Kanye West was mentioned having executive produced his yet to be released movie, “Too Honorable,” in which Dame claims to have put up a million of his own money.

Let’s see, Kanye, Jay Z and I’m sure a host of others have continued to prosper after cutting ties with Dash which makes me think he’s not being honest with himself.

Whether we care to admit; we choose our lessons until we eventually learn from them.

Keep pushing Dame; your self-efficacy is next level.

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