Stevie J ArrestL&HHA clown, Stevie J was arrested for owing more than one million dollars in unpaid child support.

In 1999 a judge ordered Stevie J to pay his baby mama $6,600 a month for their two little-munchkins.  That amount was later increased to $8,500.

According to the criminal complaint; Stevie stopped paying in 2001 and hasn’t paid a dime since.

So what once looked like a hefty monthly payment has now become and almost insurmountable debt to the tune of $1,107.412.  Ouch!!!!!

Once he bails out in Georgia he’ll have to face charges in New York.

The thing about this guy; he parades around on L&HHA like he’s the man.  Living in a mansion, driving luxury cars all the while knowing he has kids that he’s neglected to support.

This fool should be jailed on sheer audacity alone!

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