Love In The City CastEpisode 4 of ‘Love In The City’ started out with Kiya and Bershan taking a tour of Kiya’s new place.  Bershan is obviously the mother hen of the group.  I like her a lot, but she appears to overstep a bit with Kiya.

Kiya’s new place is very nice.  I was offended when Bershan questioned how she was able to afford it.  Could just be big sister looking out for little sister thing or more sinister.  That green-eyed monkey comes in many forms so hopefully Bershan is not a, “I like you as long as you’re not on my level.” kind of girl

I like how Kiya confronted Tiffany about her 40th birthday party.  She called her out in a very diplomatic way.  I agree with her assessment of Tiffany-she does appear to be all about me which makes her somewhat unlikable.  I get she’s a two-time breast cancer survivor and the whole celebrate each day thing, but that analogy would have her going all out even more for Kiya’s 40th as it too is a milestone.

She just needs to admit-I didn’t want to spend my hard-earned money on your party, just like I didn’t want to spend it on your hair service.

Kiya seems too trusting.  I would never trust Tiffany with private information after the way she handled the whole birthday situation.  She just doesn’t seem worthy to me.

One thing I’ve learned in life, you have to allow people to be whom and what they are.  Just because you’re friends doesn’t mean you should all want the same things.  Yes, on the surface, it appears Bershan has it all, but with maturity we know that no one really does.  No matter how good a person’s life appears, please know they too are struggling with something.

Bershan wants to spice things up for her husband.  The lingerie was very lovely; however, I couldn’t understand the need to shoot something so intimate at a construction site.  And, wouldn’t someone that refers to themselves as a professional photographer (Chenoa) have their props in mind before the shoot?  To ask a construction worker for a drill was just silly and again, contrived.

In regards to Chenoa, I guess conventional marriages are a thing of the past.  To each his own but I’m kind of sick of every show having to have a gay or gay-friendly character.  I think that’s insulting to the gay community.

I’m wondering if all this openness that Chenoa is down-with is really just a facade for a deep-rooted insecurity or even more-I’ll accept anything just as long as I’m being taken care of.  I guess we will have to wait and see, huh?

It’s interesting how Chenoa became annoyed when Tiffany inquired about her sexuality.  She saw the b/s for what it was and called her on it.  I suspect the annoyance came from her being exposed as a fake because when Tiffany asked her if she was into chicks she said she and her husband are separated and that she’s open to exploring bringing in another female if that would help.  Tiffany then asked, “So why are you separated?”  Chenoa says, “Because he wants kids and I can’t have any.”  Tiffany asked, “Does that detest you?” Chenoa says, “Hell yeah it does!”

So tell me, how bringing in another woman will resolve that issue?  He supposedly asked for a separation on grounds she could not and did not want kids so why not just replace her for someone that can fulfill his needs if that’s the case.  She thinks she’s so wonderful he will see fit to keep her on standby while he starts another family?  This is made for TV drama if I’ve ever seen it!

All-in-all entertaining but the jury is still out on this one.

 Watch Episode 4,’ Love In The City’ here.