Love In The City

Episode 6 of ‘Love In The City’ opened with Kiya and Chenoa decide to buy Tiffany a new bra in celebration of her last surgery. They visit a lingerie shop and start to talk about her plans with Razz.

After checking out the selection of bras, Chenoa suggests they give Tiffany a call to get her bra size.

Tiffany informs her of a photo shoot she’s having later that day to which Chenoa and Kiya are disappointed she didn’t use them for photography and hair.

The photo shoot will be featured in her “My Pink Chose Me” campaign.  She said Chenoa is very talented but makes her shy a little bit.

When Kiya asked why she didn’t tell her about the shoot she reminded her that she mentioned it a few weeks back and she didn’t say anything.

Kiya arrives to the set.  When she asks Tiffany about her boyfriend, Brian she says, “I’m thinking about moving in with you,” and informs her that she found some inappropriate text messages in his phone that morning and didn’t think things would work out.

She jokingly said, “I have to get back to the photo shoot but you should really keep that second bedroom open.”

Tiffany is all about Tiffany.  I don’t think she was joking for a second about taking Kiya’s second bedroom.  It’s interesting how she expects her friends to be there for her but she never seems to extend herself for any of them.

Brian shows up to the photo shoot.  She asked if he was there to support her.  He didn’t want to get into heavy conversation on the set and said we will talk later.

Bershan meets with her surrogate.  She was diagnosed with cancer at 33 and decided against chemo because the breast cancer was small and they caught it early; however, the cancer came back and she had the chemo and is now incapable of having a baby on her own.

Her surrogate comes to New York to meet with the fertility doctor to see why she had the miscarriage.  They drive to Connecticut because surrogacy is illegal in the state of New York.

The surrogate is 21-years old with two kids of her own.  She had only visited New York once so Bershan arranged for a tour of the city after the doctor’s visit.

She rented a yacht for the day and invited the girls along for the tour.  The girls were all surprised to meet the surrogate because she appeared to be white.

Tiffany says, “I thought you said she was mixed,” to which Bershan replies, “She is mixed, Mexican and White.”

Kiya asked, “So how do you feel about having a brown baby?  Bershan chimes in saying, “First of all she listens to hip hop, Rick Ross and that’s why I liked her.”


After grilling the surrogate, the girls seemed to have a better understanding of the process.

Chenoa starts casting for the Girbaud Jeans shoot.  She and her assistant are selecting models when her assistant, Clayton informs her of emails about designs from Carlyle.

She asked him to reply back saying she will get in touch with him later.

Carlyle is persistent and calls again expressing the urgency of getting things done for the doughnut shop.

She explains she’s in a meeting and will get back with him later and is annoyed by his aggressiveness and asks her assistant not to interrupt her again saying, “That’s crazy!”

Chenoa is hoping the Girbaud shoot will set the stage for her next career level in photography.

The models were selected and the shoot begins.  She hired Kiya for the shoot and they clearly work-well together.

During the shoot she receives an urgent email saying something is wrong with the permit for the doughnut shop and they are in the process of shutting the place down.

She’s finally realizing she needs to focus on her priorities and not his and finishes the shoot hopeful it will take her career to the next level.

Razz shows up fresh from Russia clearly less excited to see Kiya than she is to see him.

He arrives at the door and she immediately embraces him with hugs and kisses.  He seems a little standoffish.

They talk and I swear Kiya must have been so jaded by the prospect of motherhood that she lost all of her marbles for a second.

She’s been running around telling everyone about having a kid with Razz but hadn’t really discussed it with him.

The conversation begins and he says he was living a free life in Russia.  She asked him if he wanted to stay in Russia and he said yes.

Kiya was shocked.

He said after New Year he would ship two cars and go.

That seemed to go over Kiya’s head.

She immediately changes the subject saying you’re going to get grilled by my friends tomorrow.

After rattling off several questions the friends would ask him, he tells her he’s not ready for kids now.

Again, that goes over Kiya’s head.

The next day they meet the girls.

The girls are all excited to meet Razz until he opens his mouth and the truth comes out.

They all compliment his cuteness and say he appears older than twenty-seven.

He tells the girls he’s considering moving back to Russia permanently and Chenoa asked if he was interested in having a baby with Kiya.

He hesitated and said, “Not right now.”

After more grilling, he tells the ladies, “I’m going to move on.”

The girls are shocked and insulted and decided it was best to leave.

In many ways, Kiya acts as though she needed her friends to ask the pertinent questions.  Like duh?

Kiya says, “I don’t need y’all to save me and I never have.”

As the girls leave, Chenoa says she might be in denial.  Tiffany says she’s desperate.  Bershan says she allowed it to happen.

All of which are accurate.

The next day, an unemotional Razz packs to leave.

Kiya gives it one last try saying, “I can at least have the kid and you can go,” to which Razz says, “No that’s not going to work.”

She asked so basically this trip was about you telling me it’s over.  He said, “Yes.”

She says, “You just don’t even care, huh? You’re an asshole Razz.”

He gathers his things and leaves.


Bershan calls and she informs her that Razz has left and she says, “Good, he should be gone.”

It looks like Bershan was right about him not being right for her all along.

Kiya tells her she knew better but after visiting the fertility clinic it hit her like a ton of bricks.

She went on to say she wants to clean the slate and look for her life partner.

Kiya like many women got caught up and lost her better judgement in the race against the clock, but you have to wonder; if it’s just about having a kid, why did she quickly dismiss both men Bershan introduced her to?

What was it about Razz in particular that made her zoom in on him?

I suspect it’s her desire to have a mixed-race child more than anything.  As we see from next week’s previews, she becomes interested in another Razz look-alike.

Seems kind of shallow I know, but overall I think she’s a good person so I’m hopeful she will find that special person soon.

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