OWN'S, 'Love In The City' (Episode 3-click here)
OWN’S, ‘Love In The City’ (Episode 3-click here)

Have you guys watched, OWN’s new Docu-Series, ‘Love In The City‘?  Many have described it as the modern-day ‘Sex In The City’ that we all miss.  I’ve really enjoyed the first three episodes so it’s time to blog about it.

The show is centered around four friends:

Kiyah WrightKiya Wright– Founder of ‘Love In The City’ and celebrity hairstylist who recently moved from Los Angeles to the city to boost her career.  She is approaching forty and looking to start a family with or without a husband.


Bershan ShawBershan Shaw– Life Coach, founder of URAWarrior.com, an online social networking site for cancer survivors. She was diagnosed with Stage 4 Cancer and told she had only 3-months to live.  Now seven-years later she is cancer-free and appears to have married-well.


Chenoa MaxwellChenoa Maxwell– Recently separated from her husband, Carlyle of eleven-years, she is working on gaining her financial independence.



Tiffany JonesTiffany Jones– Cancer survivor and manager of a successful fashion-house.  She is also the founder of Pink Chose Me a non-profit aimed at helping cancer-survivors regain their emotional balance, self-worth, confidence and inner/outer beauty.


Last nights episode found the ladies planning Kiya’s 40th birthday-bash.  Chenoa seems to be the most enthused about the event and really wants to make it special for her friend.

Kiya has arrived in the city and taken up residence with Bershan for an anticipated three-week stay.  Bershan isn’t keen on the idea saying, “I am married,” but obliges her friend none-the-less.

Tiffany and Kiya meet at the park for an emotional one-on-one after her double mastectomy announcement during last week’s episode.  Kiya asked Tiffany why she didn’t tell anyone before the party and she said it was fear.

Kiya went-on to tell her she doesn’t like death, funerals or hospitals (We’d think something was wrong if she did, but I get her point.) because of her mother’s passing when she was fourteen.  She said her moms death wasn’t handled right and since then finds it difficult coping with emotional issues.  She decided to give it a good try with Tiffany and expressed her desire to support her friend.

Chenoa and her estranged-husband, Carlyle meet for lunch.  They hadn’t seen each other in weeks.  When he arrives, they are both very complimentary of each other. He tells her he has good news…he’s planning to open a mini doughnut shop in Harlem and wants her to come on board to help design the restaurant.

There’s something very strange about these two.  He asked her for a separation yet seems all-too eager to continue supporting her in every way possible.  That’s quite extraordinary!

I’m thinking he could be offering her the job to put his money to better-use since he’s paying her living expenses anyway or maybe he’s just that generous.  Time will tell, but my mom always warned me, “Be careful when people give you things-sometimes there are cables attached.”

Tiffany, Bershan and Chenoa all meet at a venue to discuss Kiya’s party.  Tiffany isn’t too into all the over-the-top planning and feels like she’s being told what to do.  She offers to provide the music playlist for the party and flowers.

The second meeting occurs at Chenoa’s home.  Tiffany is the last to arrive and let’s the girls know that she hadn’t fulfilled any of her assigned tasks.  An argument ensues and I am really turned-off by Tiffany’s selfishness.  It’s obvious she doesn’t want to share in the expense of the party-even telling Chenoa you have all these ideas then you should pay-for-it, but how much does it cost you to plug-in a  Ipod.  She had one excuse after another until Chenoa eventually got tired and asked her to leave.

Sometimes survivors of terminal illness can be a bit cold-hearted. She may still be dealing with “why me” so I’m not sure if it’s the financial burden of the double mastectomy that has her all tight-in-the pocket or just plain selfishness.  The jury’s still-out on Miss Tiffany.

Kiya speaks with her twenty-seven year old boyfriend via Skype the day before her birthday.  He’s en-route to Russia to visit family.  Kiya seems disappointed that he won’t be able to attend her birthday-bash and then the connection is lost.

It’s a bit disconcerting to see him not prioritize her 40th birthday bash.  I wonder why he couldn’t delay his travel plans few days for this?  Anyway, I just knew he would surprise her and show-up, but he didn’t and life went-on.

Bershan doesn’t feel like the twenty-seven year old is a good fit for her and tried to introduce her to her personal trainer.  Kiya wasn’t feeling-him at all and felt Bershan was disrespecting her relationship.

I’d have to agree.  

The party seems to be enjoyed by all the ladies.  Next week’s episode shows Chenoa in a lesbian bar.  Maybe this is the source of the strangeness I’m feeling, could she and Carlyle be swingers?

Stay tuned.  ‘Love In The City’ premiers on OWN, Saturdays at 10/9C.