Love In The City Love In  The City, Season 1, Episode 7 opens with Kiya Wright trying to no avail, hail a taxi in New York City.

She’s off to meet her friend Chenoa Maxwell for drinks in Harlem.

Upon arrival Chenoa was shocked and dismayed that she had to take the train, luggage and all.

Once inside, the conversation quickly shifted to Kiya’s current relationship status-single and her new perspective on finding the right man and baby daddy.

After some light-flirting with the bartender, Chenoa suggests Kiya take it a bit further but she lets her know she’s not choosing a bartender.

Not sure why, though.

Is the job beneath her standard or could she not trust him?

Chenoa says, “I work 24/7 and look tired for a reason….between the business and emotional stuff I’m on the ground.”   To which Kiya responds, “Oh because you love to do it, 50”

She tries explaining her rationale saying, “Everyone has an opinion about my life and all I’m trying to do is transition and live my life.” leaving Kiya to say, “Transitioning is never easy.”

Isn’t it funny how as women, we are fully aware of what and why we do things to our detriment yet when a friend calls-us-out-on-it, we get defensive?

Tiffany meets Bershan for tea in Soho.

Bershan tells her she’s going to do an event soon.  A soft-launch of “U R A,” to help women feel empowered about what they’ve been through so that they can share their stories and help others.

Tiffany immediately turns the conversation to ‘self’ and mentions the photo-shoot she’d recently done.

Bershan invites her to speak at the event and provides instruction on what’s needed.

As usual, Tiffany does it her way by not providing the Jpeg image requested.  Instead, she instructs her photographer to bring over the original hard copy for a grand revealing.

Bershan and the girls have been very patient with her; however, she’s a very self-centered type who has to make everything about her.  

That’s very off-putting!

Hopefully, this behavior is a result of the emotional toll cancers had on her but yet in still, that’s no excuse and should be corrected.

Tiffany needs therapy.  She’s in an emotional state that is so fragile, she’s literally alienating herself.

From Brian to the girls, if you’re not catering to her and her needs she’s very spiteful.  

I even wonder if Brian really did the horrible things she accused him of (taking her hairpiece, lap top and Chanel bag).  It almost doesn’t fit his character displayed thus far.

Kiya and Chenoa showed up early in support of their friend and the U R A Warrior event which was very inspiring.

Tiffany on the other-hand showed up late and informed Bershan what she’d be doing at her event.  Go figure.

Bershan quickly took back the reigns informing Tiffany she would not be speaking at the event.

After careful thought, she reconsidered and allowed Tiffany to speak without the image.

Tiffany’s speech was heartfelt and inspiring so in the end, everyone was pleased.

As the ladies gathered, Kiya asked Tiffany about her plans to which she conveniently asked if she could crash at her place for a couple-days.

Though reluctant, Kiya said yes and the episode ends with Tiffany packing a few things to leave.

I got the impression all the drama was more to teach Brian a lesson and less about her actually leaving him.  

What did you think?

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