Married To Medicine - Season 2, Episode 10
Married To Medicine – Season 2, Episode 10

Married to Medicine, Season 2, Episode 10 opened with snapshots of all the ladies at home.

Dr. Heavenly and daughter had a lively discussion about the Lisa Nicole’s birthday party and Alora surprisingly described Mariah and company’s grand entrance as inappropriate grandstanding.  They learn early don’t they?

Dr.Simone dropped by Dr. Jackie’s office.  She wants to get her opinion on an idea she has for her husband and asked if she will watch the kids while she had an intimate dinner with Cecile.   

Quad and Reco presented the puppy couture samples to the investors.  Her presentation style was very aggressive and highlighted her years in sales.  

The investors were impressed with the samples but when Quad asked for $30,000 to finance a fashion show she received push-back.  

After negotiating, the investor agreed to front $15,000 and to check back two-days prior to the show before dispersing the second-half.  

Dr. Eugene and Toya met their attorney for lunch.  They are having her review the contract in hopes she can find a loophole to prevent the loss of the earnest money deposit.  The contract is about to expire and the seller has agreed to extend for an additional $10,000. 

This just doesn’t add up.  

Toya is so anxious to impress that she and Dr. Eugene didn’t do their due diligence and now, $50.000 has been forfeited.   

She claims they had been looking to move for two-years so why didn’t they get pre-approved before submitting an offer?

After she drops her kids off at one of the most expensive pre-schools in Atlanta, she bumps into another parent who informs her that they will be relocating because her husband has been traded.  

Toya calls Dr. Eugene and tells him the news.

She is so excited about the prospect of ‘renting to on’ (thus confirming Dr. Eugene didn’t qualify for the mortgage) she does a drive-by of the property that sits high on a hill behind iron gates in one of Atlanta’s most affluent communities, Sandy Springs.

Toya acts like a complete fool climbing walls trying to take a closer look.  She is the epitome of living beyond ones means.  

So sad.

Lisa Nicole and Dwight are planning a fashion show.  They secure the same venue used for Keke Wyatt’s listening party if you watch R&B Diva’s.

Cynthia Bailey of RHOA and Quad are called upon to assist with casting.

Dr. Gregory walks in to find Quad fussing over her doggies.  He appears immediately perturbed and goes-in on the amount of attention she gives the dogs basically telling her to come back to reality and spend less focus on the dogs and more on matters of importance.

It almost felt like he was telling her to know her place.

His position was interesting and to me, he seemed a bit jealous of his wife’s assertiveness and audacious independence.  

She told him she didn’t feel comfortable just being a Dr’s wife. 

I see major problems in this marriage.  As Quad has something to prove and her husband’s ego won’t take well to her success.

Dr. Jackie came through and scooped up the kids for Dr. Simone’s and Cecile’s date night. The setting was beautiful, the 18th hole of Cecile’s Country Club.  He seemed genuinely touched by the gesture.

After discussing ways to improve their marriage, Cecile informed his wife that all he needed was more devoted time and suggested she hire someone to take over charting.  She agreed so hopefully they will get things back on track.

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