Married to Medicine Season 2, Episode 11

Married to Medicine, Season 2, Episode 11 opened with Dr. Jackie packing for the couples trip.

Mariah is rehearsing a dance she will perform at Dr. Ayden’s nephew’s wedding.  It is a tradition that a sister-in-law perform a dance of her tradition so Mariah is doing a Beyonce number.

Dr. Simone shows up to support and again brings up Quad.  She’s still pushing for them to talk but Mariah’s not interested saying I’m over it.  Simone points out she’s hurt and encourages her to drop by the trip so the other ladies can hear her voice.  She said she’d think about it.

Mariah has made very good use of her time away from the group.  She’s launching a line of protein shakes and bars and had her mom, Dr.Ayden and a marketing specialist drop by for tasting.

The rest of the group are en route to Blue Ridge Mountain.  Dr. Simone and Cecil drive Dr. Jackie and Dr. Heavenly who perspective spouses will join them later.

Upon arrival at the cabin, Dr. Simone and Cecil are the first to claim a room followed by Dr. Jackie leaving Dr. Heavenly to take a room in the basement.

The cabin is lovely!

The rest of the group arrives and tension starts but is quickly diffused.  They each race to a nearby cabin to select a room.  Toya and Dr. Eugene win-arriving first.

On the drive there, Quad and her husband are still not completely over the big fight.  He makes passive remarks (about a woman not listening to her man) in a group session sans Quad that left others feeling a tad uncomfortable.  

The women were all dismayed by his assertion under the right circumstances all men will cheat.  And that it’s very difficult for men not to.

Lisa Nicole’s husband said he cheated in every relationship prior to marriage but it was Dr. Gregory’s remarks that were most unsettling.

The group had a 90’s throwback party and all sat around drinking and reminiscing about their first dates.  It was lots of fun and laughter as the group managed to all get along absent of Mariah.

Next week Mariah decides to take Dr. Simone up on her suggestion and join the group.  Her husband is unable to accompany her.  When Dr. Simone reveals she extended an invitation to Mariah, Quad became very upset feeling Simone should respect her wishes at this point.

All-in-all this was an entertaining episode.

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