Married To Medicine - Season 2, Episode 12
Married To Medicine – Season 2, Episode 12

Married to Medicine Season 2, Episode 12 continued with the Blueridge camping trip.  The couples all seemed to have a wonderful time without Mariah who decided to accept an invitation for a glam-camp with two of her gay friends.

Mariah continues to play the victim and feels threatened by Quad.  It’s so sad to watch!

Toya informs Quad that Dr. Simone has invited Mariah to join them for the day which leaves Quad very upset.  She can’t understand why Simone won’t leave well-enough alone especially since most of the women agree with the notion; Mariah is toxic.

Quad brought her glam squad along for the trip (ridiculous) and while in hair and makeup she asks Simone if she had invited Mariah.  Simone acknowledged she had and Quad said she didn’t need to hear anymore.

After she finished her glam session she joined the group at the table for a breakfast Dr. Eugene was kind enough to prepare.

The conversation became heated as Dr. Simone explained she thought what Mariah and Quad had was worth more than peace.  Then Simone wanted to know who told Quad about her inviting Mariah.

Toya admitted it was her then Simone couldn’t remember her telling Simone.  After a few words Toya retreated to her room upset claiming she’s tired of Simone not remembering what she says or does.

The couples went zip lining, played a little football and had another group session where they all put questions in a box for discussion.

Dr. Heavenly suggested she would write her husbands question for him since they are one-in-the-same.  Toya scoffed at the idea turning things around suggesting Dr. Heavenly’s husband write her question for her.

Quad and Dr. Gregory had a candid discussion about her passion to succeed.  She explained she witnessed her father use his monies to control her mother and didn’t want to be that woman.

She said she wanted to experience motherhood and believed they would have that opportunity but it is important that she makes the kind of money she wants before having children.

For the first time, Dr. Gregory seemed to understand her conviction.  She mentioned she would be considering birth control methods but he asked that she whole-off for another three-months.  Dr. Gregory may have agreed for arguments sake but is still hoping to plant his seed over the next few months.

Quad made her position crystal clear with Gregory.  He realized there’s no stopping a woman of conviction so he may as well come on board or get lost.

I totally agree with Quad.  To often men use their resources to control women so she’s smart to maintain her own identity.

The ladies all gathered for one last “why we think Mariah sucks” discussion.  They’ve agreed things are better without her presence and therefore voted to not include her in any activities going forward.

Next week Dr. Simone seems to again renege on the notion of excluding Mariah in this never-ending saga.

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