Married to Medicine Season 2, Episode 13

Married to Medicine Season 2, Episode 13 was all about Lisa Nicole fashions.  She and Dwight put on a spectacular show at 200 Peachtree leaving all the ladies impressed!

Dr. Jackie’s stepdaughter is an aspiring model and walked in the show.  She and Dr. Jackie had an emotional mother-daughter talk about their relationship which was nice to see.

Toya and Dr. Eugene moved into the “rent a mansion.”  Toya was super-excited while Dr. Eugene was too, but admitted the home was a little more than he budgeted for.

Big mistake, big!

Mariah is readying the launch of her and Dr. Ayden’s nutritional line, “Cinnamon Girl.”  She hand delivered scroll invites to all the ladies much to everyone’s surprise.  Dr. Simone asked if she planned to invite Quad to which she said yes, she would send her a text invite.

Dr. Heavenly and Dr. Simone both received the invitation well and felt she deserved their support since she’s extending an olive branch.

Dr. Simone talked to Quad at the fashion show and advised her of her feelings towards Mariah.  She said she felt Quad was holding her hostage regarding her relationship with Mariah.  Quad said she needed to be burned by Mariah before she’d realize how toxic she was and told Dr. Simone to do whatever she’d like.

The Lisa Nicole Show was a huge success.  Everyone attended except Mariah.  Her models sashayed down the runway in the presence of major buyers and retail outlets.  This was a make-or-break for her business and she seemed to have delivered.

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