Married To Medicine - Season 2, Episode 14
Married To Medicine – Season 2, Episode 14

Married to Medicine Season 2, Episode 14 brings everything to a close as in finale.  Mariah and Dr. Ayden launched Cinnamon Girl and Quad had her puppy couture runway show.

Dr. Simone and Dr. Jackie met to discuss their obligatory attendance at Quad’s fashion show but when Simone mentioned puppy couture Dr. Jackie erupted in laughter bringing them both to tears at the thought of fashion for dogs.

Quad will not take too kindly to this so I have a feeling this will come up at the reunion.

Dr. Heavenly visits Toya in her new mansion.  Toya was happy to show Heavenly around as she considers her one of her haters.

I must say, I agree with Heavenly’s point of view as it pertains to the “rent a mansion.”  If you couldn’t qualify for $1.6 million why on earth would you rent a home double the price?  That defies logic!  Dr. Eugene will be burdened by this irrational decision down the road.

Toya’s eagerness to disclose her new zip code to Heavenly was priceless.  The exclusive 30327 is Atlanta’s Buckhead community, the most expensive zip code in the GTA.  It’s the 90210 of Atlanta and the property taxes are no joke!

Toya feels the working wives are jealous of her lifestyle.  Hilarious!!!!

No Toya, they know what it takes and the numbers ain’t adding up boo!

The conversation shifts to Mariah’s invitation.  Toya and the family are taking a Disney cruise and won’t be able to attend Mariah’s nor Quads event.

Lisa Nicole visits Quad.  They discuss Dr. Simone’s fence riding duties.  I joke!

Quad feels Simone has been less than forthright with the ladies on her position with Mariah so she decided to pay the good doc a visit on two-folds.

One, to address her concerns with being used as a scapegoat as it pertained to denying Mariah access to group functions.  And two, for some much-needed birth control measures.

The ladies had a meeting of the minds leading Quad to conclude Simone may have good intentions and mean well but she may not follow through in the end.

I would like to know how Dr. Simone was able to spend so much time with Quad during office hours?  My doctors are usually so swamped I’m lucky to get five-minutes per visit.

Mariah’s natural hair appears severally damaged from all the color and weaves.  I’m surprised her ego allowed her to show that on camera but I digress.

She and Dr. Ayden have the Cinnamon Girl launch party.  It’s interesting how Mariah constantly said she extended the olive branch to all the ladies but didn’t mention anything further about Quad’s invite only her disappointment with Dr. Jackie not being able to attend.  Maybe she’s strictly focusing on the business she hoped Dr. Jackie’s support would bring.

Quad’s puppy couture fashion show had a rough start but ended well and most importantly sealed the deal with her investors.  She received the financial backing needed and emotional support of her husband, Dr. Gregory; however, he still persists on starting a family that she clearly isn’t ready for.

I guess she will be saying who’s laughing now business wise but this could spell trouble with Dr. Gregory whose first-priority seems to be having an offspring.

The ladies all gathered at the end of the fashion show and talked about the wonderful friendship and bond they’ve created with Dr. Simone saying, “this is the group baby going forward.”

They all feel the Queen Bee, Mariah has been dethroned and pretty much would rather she not be around.

Next week is the reunion and it looks gooooood!  Dr. Simone and Toya appear to have an altercation prompting Simone to leave the set.

Overall, this season wasn’t as good as lasts but good nonetheless.

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