Married To Medicine - Season 2, Episode 2
Married To Medicine – Season 2, Episode 2

Episode 2 of Bravo’s Married to Medicine brought RHOA star, Dwight Eubanks back from the dead!

With the introduction of newbie Lisa Nicole, a doctor’s wife and fashion designer who just happens to be Dwight’s business partner and ‘other husband.’

Quad showed-up at Lisa Nicole’s to talk fashion, and ultimately about Ms. Mariah.  She informed the group of her plans to start a puppy-couture clothing line.  “They have Chanel, Louis Vuitton and more, but it’s not enough.” complained Quad.  “They should be well-represented because they represent me.” speaking of her two pooches, Chloe & Kari.

The group continued to poke fun of Mariah’s style; referring to her look at Dr. Heavenly’s party as ‘Big Bird’ from Sesame Street.

Simone pays Dr. Jackie a visit at her home.  She returned the clutch she borrowed for Dr. Heavenly’s party, and asked Jackie if she mentioned to Curtis (Jackie’s husband) about her desire to have a baby.  Dr. Simone discouraged the idea saying ‘you’re too busy.”

The conversation switched to Dr. Heavenly’s party.  Dr. Jackie said she took her to a place she doesn’t typically go.  She asked Simone if she would be willing to meet with Heavenly so the three of them could talk.

Dr. Simone adamantly refused, proclaiming she would never speak to Heavenly again.

She instead suggested she call Toya, who accused her of gyrating on her husband (Dr. Eugene).

Toya called a very busy Simone who seemed overwhelmed by work and life.  They agreed to meet the following day.

Dr. Simone said the life of an OBGYN is exhausting.

Toya and her husband go for a walk.  Dr. Eugene and her decided against building a home and are in the process of buying a house in a gated community.

Dr. Eugene asked Toya if she had plans to find a job outside the home.  She replied, “A job?”  He said he would go crazy sitting in the house all-day.  She rejected his notion that she sat in the house all-day, and began to rattle off her day-to-day activities.

Dr. Eugene reminded her of his 12 hour shifts to which she wasn’t impressed.  He quickly apologized for his insensitive remarks and let her know that her work at home is appreciated.

Toya joked that she needs to leave the boys with him so he could see what she goes through.  He jokingly replied, “You’re going to leave the boys at home with me for five hours for punishment?  She asked, “Why is that punishment?” They both laughed.

Toya seems so shallow and phony to me.  Not feeling her at all.

Dr. Heavenly is home with her eight year old setting the table.  The little girl is adorable and made for TV.

However, I’m not amused by smart-ass children so the jury’s still out on this little-one.

Dr. Heavenly is married to an ER Physician who has his own practice.  She believes a wife should be submissive to her husband, and almost comes across as though that’s all it takes to keep him from straying.

Not really feeling Dr. Heavenly either.  No wonder she and Toya are friends.  She comes across much too aggressive.  As though she was brought on the show to handle the other female doctors.

Her scenes are so contrived!  She pretends to be so polished, but did anyone notice how she held her knife and fork at dinner?

The posturing is just too much!

Mariah does not appear in this episode much.  She and her husband are home talking about Dr. Heavenly’s party.

Mariah said someone has finally put Dr. Jackie in her place regarding her discussions on weight.  She said it felt good to have drama outside of her for a change and both were happy they decided against ‘Doctors on the Dock’ this year.

She began to stare at Dr. Ayden’s receding hairline and joked it’s time to for hair transplants.

Dr. Jackie meets her husband at a basketball arena.  This whole scene was ridiculous to me.  To have such a private conversation in such a public place makes no sense.

Anyway, she strips down to her short-shorts.  As his eyes began to perk, he says, “I might let you win now.”  That was cute!

As they played the game of basketball, Dr. Jackie accused her husband of cheating, saying, “That’s called a foul.”  He said, “It’s not a foul but a pat-down.”  She replied, “As long as he’s cheating on the basketball court and nowhere else, it’s okay.”

The conversation turns serious, and Dr. Jackie pulls out candles.  She says, “I wish that Curtis is having a yes day.”  She struggles a bit to find the right-words.  She said remember I asked about the kitchen cabinets?  He quickly said it’s a no for the kitchen.  She asked why, and he said the time is not right.

When she went into the ACRM (Atlanta Center for Reproductive Medicine) she mentions donor eggs vs. adoption and thought it was a topic we should revisit.  He said, “I thought that topic was closed for us.”  She said, “Well the top fell-off.”  He said, “With our lives-that’s not a really good option for us.”  She said, “I will cut back.”  He said, “You wont.”  She said, “You use to be open to it.”  He said, “That was when I was a lot younger.”  He said he’s afraid of her taking on more, and that right now her cup is full.

Quad visits Dr. Simone to discuss contraceptive measures.  She tells her Dr. Gregory is talking about having a baby a lot more frequently now and she doesn’t want any slip-ups.  She’s not using any birth control measures now, but since she has plans to start a new business, she’s not ready to start a family.

Dr. Simone recommended alternatives to the pill since in the past, she’d often forget to take them.  Quad asked if her husband would be aware of the vaginal ring once inserted?  Dr. Simone said he wouldn’t know that it’s there.

Quad pondered over whether to share this with Dr. Gregory, to which Dr. Simone said she doesn’t condone keeping secrets from a spouse and felt he should know.

Toya drives to Simone’s home to discuss their confrontation.  The conversation quickly becomes hostile as they each disagree on the timing of the confrontation at Dr. Heavenly’s party.

Simone felt Toya should have mentioned this privately; however, Toya felt Simone tried to make her feel like her feels weren’t valid.  She said it was just the two of them when she mentioned it.  Dr. Simone tried to explain how she felt and they both tried to talk over the other.  Toya felt she was trying to dismiss her because she’s a doctor and she’s a wife and she wouldn’t allow her to disrespect her.  She again let Dr. Simone know that she didn’t like her dirty dancing her husband and felt she didn’t respect her position.

Simone said nobody’s asked you to feel bad.  she said you don’t think.  she has no idea what its like to work all day and want to have fun.  Toya’s so focused on Eugene and the kids, she just doesn’t have a broad enough perspective on life.

I have to agree.

Next week’s previews show an altercation between Quad and Mariah.