Married To Medicine - Season 2, Episode 3
Married To Medicine – Season 2, Episode 3

Mariah has undoubtedly made a conscious decision to rely on ‘Married to Medicine’ as her sole source of income because I can’t imagine why an intelligent woman would go on camera and portray herself in such a negative light.

Last season we wondered, but this season in just three episodes, it’s pretty obvious, Mariah has issues.

We are starting to see the beginning signs of trouble between Quad and her husband.  Men are not the best communicators and perhaps shrinks are even worse since they tend to psychoanalyze every word.

Quad just wanted her husbands support when describing the incident between her and ex-friend Mariah.  He seemed to take a neutral position as any good doctor would but Quad is his wife, not patient and wasn’t trying to her all that.

I’m always turned-off by bragadocious behavior.  Lisa Nicole opened her segment in such poor taste saying, “I’m a quadruple threat, “I’m beautiful, intelligent, articulate and I’m rich.”

If she’s so rich, wonder why she’s showing her collection from home?  Not a good look for the business woman.

Dr. Jackie came over to look at a few pieces.  The dress she modeled was not practical as she could hardly walk in it.  Didn’t make me want to run out for Lisa Nicole fashions.

Dr. Jackie has good intentions as it pertains to women’s health issues, but I agree with Dr. Heavenly in that her delivery is a bit off-putting.

Dr. Heavenly seems unnatural and there for a specific purpose.  To promote her business ventures and knock Dr. Jackie off her pedestal. In my opinion, she’s not coming across-well.

Toya, seems too obsessed with appearances.  I can see this becoming a huge issue in her marriage.  She says she doesn’t want to overwhelm Eugene but does just that.

Her parents tried to impart wisdom regarding her spending habits which seemed to go over her head.

Dr. Jackie apologized to the woman she offended at the charity event.  It was received well but Dr. Heavenly who recently lost 70 Lbs., didn’t want it to rest. She feels Dr. Jackie, who  does have an air of superiority about her, doesn’t have a clue what it’s like to be overweight.

Dwight fills Lisa Nicole in on the incident between Quad and Mariah and suggests there’s jealousy in the midst. Lisa says she has Quads back.

Toya throws her 2-year-old son, Avery a birthday party.

Dr. Heavenly shows up and immediately chastised Toya and Dr. Eugene on their lavish spending.  She said in interview it was a waste to spend that much money on a 2-year-old party who won’t even remember it.  And that the money would be better spent in an investment account.


Dr. Gregory serenades Quad, kind of about having a baby within the next year.  Quad proceeds to start a conversation about the lack of communication in their relationship and says they are speaking two different languages.

She’s reading the “Five Love Languages.”

And asked her husband if he read the book that she gave him when they first started dating?  Dr. G said he had read the book and was able to recall the five love languages much to Quads surprise.

Quad then asked, “Why the hell you ain’t done none of them.” He seemed offended by the remark saying, “I can only do so much.  Sometimes people get tired.”

Conversation turns serious.

He asked, “Why do you want to go here?” (As if to say on TV)  She said, “You been tired for four years.”  In interview she felt he minimized what she said and doesn’t think he’s getting it.

I get Quad’s reluctance to start a family now.  There are issues in their relationship she feels need to be resolved before having a child and I have to agree with her.  Children will only exacerbate issues.

Lisa and Dwight finally arrive to Toya’s party.  The ladies immediately discuss Mariah’s absence and Lisa proceeds to fill the ladies in on the altercation with Mariah and Quad.

Toya seemed to feel vindicated.  And says, finally Quad realizes Mariah is not her friend.  In interview, Toya says this is a recurring theme with Mariah and the devil only changes his outfit.

Dr. Eugene came over and reminded the ladies why they were there and suggested they all gather to sing Avery happy birthday.

Mariah and her husband met Dr. Simone and her husband at Cafe Istanbul.  Dr. Simone saw people discuss the public altercation between Mariah and Quad had at STK.  She asked Mariah what happened saying, “What’s going on with you and  your bestie?”  Mariah said she doesn’t know what’s going on because to her knowledge she’s done nothing to her but be a good friend.

She said Quad was their with her friends who verbally attacked her.  And says Quad knows how to play the victim.  She then mentions she saw Quad pick up her Celine bag and throw it saying, F-ck that Bitch!”

Dr. Simone realized Mariah was leaving a lot out of the story and attempted to probe more, but Mariah just pretended to not know what happened to cause Quads behavior.

Next week’s preview of ‘Married to Medicine’ showed Dr. Nicole telling her husband they found something on her mammogram.  Dr. Jackie gets emotional about her husband having to deal with a wife having breast cancer twice.  Dr. Heavenly is having a discussion with her 8-year-old daughter about her goals.  She says she wants to be a talk show host, but I for one find her voice very annoying so good-luck with that.  And, lastly Dr. Simone admits she needs to do more to spice things up in the bedroom.