Married To Medicine - Season 2, Episode 5
Married To Medicine – Season 2, Episode 5

Married to Medicine, Season 2, Episode 5 began with Dr. Simone is headed out to work when her two sons asked about summer vacation.  The choice was either Dubai or Bahamas.  The eldest son suggested Japan.  Dr. Simone says they are unable to go on vacation this year because of financial setbacks.  The kids jokingly say under their breath, “She’s not broke, she’s lying she just doesn’t want to take us.”  Spoken like real kids.

Toya is off to the market with her interior designer.  They are furniture shopping for a new home Toya and Dr. Eugene haven’t closed on yet.

Her fakery is hard to watch.  If she’s trying to convince the public her husband, an ER Physician makes enough money that she doesn’t have to look at tags, “I have swampland in Florida to sell you.”  She could probably only afford the Chanel book she walked out with.

“We put down $50K in earnest money,” Toya boasts as though that’s a lot to put down on a 9,000sqft home.  Toya’s in La La land and seems bought and sold on the idea that marrying a doctor means you’ve made it.  Chile please!  Unless she sees the error of her ways, this marriage is destined for divorce or bankruptcy court.

Dr. Heavenly’s assessment was dead-on, “All Toya knows is how to spend her husband’s money because she doesn’t work for it she doesn’t know.”

I just can’t with her and the eight-year-old daughter having conversation about marriage and how to treat a husband though.

Quad is still busy with her puppy couture line. She decides to enlist local designer ‘Rico Chapel’ for the designs.  The conversation turns to Mariah and the STK incident.  He said he’s known Mariah for twenty years and never saw her act like that once.  He then goes on to compliment Quad on how she handled it.

Mariah (35) goes to Dr. Simone about freezing her eggs.  She’s nervous about balance and not really sure if the time is right to have another baby.  Dr. Simone advised her against freezing her eggs and suggested her and the hubby start trying right-away.

The conversation moved to Quad and once again Mariah the pariah never admits to anything.  It’s all Quads fault.  She’s transformed and all that jazz.

The ladies attend the WEN conference.  What seemed like such a positive event quickly turned negative once Toya arrived and Mariah arrived.

Quad and Toya arrive together.  Toya antagonizes Dr. Simone right away saying, “How we doing today?  No yelling.”  Dr. Simone says, “Toya don’t play with me.”

During the first break the ladies huddle for small-talk.

Toya mentions to Lisa Nicole again about the bowling alley incident where she claims Dr. Simone gyrated on her husband.  Dr. Simone looks on saying, “You bringing up the bowling alley incident again? You don’t have anything else in the little brain of yours to talk about?”  She added, “Even a dog is smart enough to know when to drop a bone and stop chasing a car.”

Dr. Simone says, “Are you gone use your brain today?  That’s what I should have greeted her with.”  Toya says, “What she should have did.” [sic]  To which Dr. Simone quickly chimed in saying, “What she should have done.  The proper grammar is, should have done.”

Toya’s poor grammar has to embarrass her husband?

Next it’s Mariah and Quads turn to go at it.  Mariah shows up late as usual.  Dr. Simone asked her if she was going to talk to Quad.  She becomes defensive again saying she hadn’t done anything but try to help Quad.  Dr. Heavenly intervenes telling the ladies there’s been a whole lot of healing at the conference and they need to fix their issues.  Both ladies went into defense mode and the shout fest began.

All of the arguing on these reality shows has gotten old.  The ladies are either selling something or fighting and that model is tried and through.