Married To Medicine - Season 2, Episode 6

Married to Medicine, Season 2, Episode 6 opened at the WEN Conference where Mariah and Quad continued their spat.

The two ladies blamed each other for the state of their friendship.  Mariah doesn’t admit to any wrong doing and feels Quad betrayed her.  She is clearly deluding herself as she admits to saying, “I gave you a platform” instead “I made you relevant.”  She’s making distinction where there really isn’t any.

The fact that educated women can’t control their emotions long enough to realize their setting is what’s most regrettable.

One positive thing to come out of the commotion was Dr. Simone’s apology to Toya.  Sometimes it’s not about whose right rather putting an end to nonsense so kudos to Simone for being the bigger person.

Dr. Heavenly is offended that she wasn’t invited to speak at the conference.  She says in interview that she is the most successful of the group and can’t understand why Lisa Nicole didn’t invite her to speak at the conference.

When she approached Lisa Nicole with her foolishness, she diplomatically stated there’s always next year.

Well, that wasn’t enough for Dr. Heavenly who so rudely planted herself next to Dr. Jackie on stage as an uninvited panelist.

Dr. Jackie gave her speech and passed the mic to Heavenly.  Lisa Nicole handled things perfectly in her brief introduction and then gave the floor to Dr. Heavenly.  Though her comments were befitting,  her behavior was not.

It’s true, you have to go for what you want in life, but Heavenly seems to need attention and validation.  I suspect there’s a therapist in the Atlanta area qualified to help her with that.

Dr. Simone drops by Dr. Jackie’s office.  The conversation starts off with medicine.  Now I like Dr. Simone, but for the life of me, I can’t understand why she would agree to go on camera and acknowledge her lack of experience or doubt about a procedure just rendered.  That can’t make her patients feel comfortable and must make her insurance provider even more uneasy.

Like Phaedra of RHOA and her law practice, if she’s not careful she too will be committing career suicide.

Let’s hope that was a made for TV scenario and didn’t involve a real-life patient.  I’m sure she’s a good physician; however, that wasn’t a smart move!

The conversation shifts to the WEN Conference.  Dr. Simone says she can’t believe all the drama that occurred in the tranquility room of all places.  While Dr. Jackie agreed, she reminded her that her behavior was not very tranquil and proceeded to write her a prescription to “just shut-up three times a day.”  Hilarity!!

Dr. Simone tells Jackie one of her patients is an adoption specialist and would like to set up an appointment for them to meet.  Jackie agrees.

Lisa Nicole is getting ready for her breast aspiration.  She kneels with her kids to say a prayer before they head out to school.

After the kids leave, she becomes emotional and admits that she’s afraid.  Her friend and later husband comfort her and off to the doctors they go.

The procedure went-well as the tumors were benign.  She and her husband give praise to God on the ride home.

Quad meets with Rico for fabric selections.

Side note, I enjoyed Quad more 1st season.  She seems to be playing up to the camera now and going for laughs instead of allowing her natural personality to shine.

Rico asks how things went at the conference.  She said the conference went well but she and Mariah had a minor hiccup.

He was surprised Mariah was there.  He goes on to say, “Mariah has hurt me too, and I don’t want to hear her expletive name anymore.”

According to Quad, Mariah was going around town saying Rico wouldn’t be anything had it not been for her wearing his clothes.

He continued, “You accuse me of plotting against you for absolutely no reason-girl give me a motive.”

Mariah girl this isn’t looking good for you and your character at all.

Rico takes a dig saying, “Her (Mariah) and her rented house.”  Quad defends Mariah saying, “Her house isn’t rented she told me she got it for a really good deal. Lies, Lies on top of more lies.”  He insists the house is rented and asked, “When is the next event you plan to see her?”

Quad mentions the ‘Breast Cancer Awareness Women of Atlanta’ event.  Rico suggests she extend an invitation to Mariah.

She says, “When you’ve been a friend with someone for so long it’s worth giving the friendship another try.”  So she obliges and sends Mariah the following text message.

“I know we are at a crossroad but I am inviting you to the “Breast Cancer Awareness Women of Atlanta” fashion show.  If you can’t make it just send your donation.”

She struggles sending the text and ask Rico to press the send button.

After a few minutes she says, “I feel like that was the wrong thing to do.”  Rico says, “I do too,” after he instigated the entire move.

Next week Mariah’s husband undergoes a hair transplant.  Quad’s fashion show turns into another scream-fest as Mariah, Rico and Quad seem to all go-at-it.

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