Married to Medicine Season 2, Episode 7

Married to Medicine Season 2, Episode 7 opened with Mariah and her husband’s visit for a hair transplant.

Quad visits fashion designer Raphael Cox to select a dress for the charity fashion show.  The gowns were beautiful.

She brings Raphael up-to-speed on the goings on between her and Mariah.

Mariah’s sister and mother show up to the hair transplant office to provide emotional support.

She informs her family of the invitation Quad extended to the fashion show.  Mariah’s mama says Quad is just going back to who she really is and she and Reco Chapple are both hating.  .

Mariah says it all stems from a photo shoot she did with one of Raphael’s rivals.

Dr. Jackie and Dr. Simone meet for lunch.  For the first time Dr. Simone opens up about her financial situation.

It was heartfelt and showed doctors have things to sort-out like everyone else.

Dr. Heavenly had her stylist who happens to be Mariah’s cousin deliver her attire for the fashion show.

He shared his problems with Mariah and so far, there are three individuals accusing her of the same thing.

He too had experience with Mariah saying, “I made you relevant.”

The drama all started at the fashion show which went-out without a hitch until Mariah showed up very late with her family and a bodyguard.

This woman is so over the top it’s ridiculous.  I mean get over yourself already.

Reco tried to greet her but she through shade and the drama began.

He and Mariah go back twenty-years.  Even their mothers were close friends.

They argued and Mariah appeared unfazed while Reco was flailing this arms cursing to the point he had to be drug out.

Quad walks up after Reco leaves and asked what happened.

Messy Toya filled her in and Quad addressed Mariah saying, “Well that what he heard, and you definitely told me you made me relevant.”

Mariah denies making such comments takes it outside where Quad later followed.

We will see the escalation on next week’s episode.

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