Married to Medicine Season 2, Episode 8Married to Medicine Season 2, Episode 8 was shall I say, Heavenly…Dr. Heavenly that is.  She for once stepped outside of self for a good read on just about the entire cast.

The episode opened with Dr. Heavenly paying a visit to Mariah and Dr. Huff.  She inquired about Reco (fashion designer & childhood friend) to which Mariah goes into her, “I’ve been a very, very good-friend to him” mode.

Perhaps Mariah needs to pay a visit to Webster and refresh her comprehension of the word friend.

I tell you, when 3-4 people are calling this duck a duck she needs to just start quacking cause by now she should know-no one is fooled by her.

Quads husband, Dr. Lunceford tried to impart some civilized advice but his wife wasn’t ready to receive it.  Maybe he should have simply said, “Only a fool argues with a fool” and left it at that.

Dr. Simone sets up a baby experiment for Dr. Jackie.  After an exhausting day, she realizes Dr. Simone and her husband and probably right, she’s too busy to adopt a child.

Toya and Dr. Eugene discuss the details of why they haven’t closed on the new house.  They are having problems with financing but their explanation seems a bit contrived to me.

First of all, financing should have been lined up before they started house-hunting.  Since they didn’t and are now concerned about losing their Down Payment ($50,000); why wasn’t a financial contingency included in their offer to purchase?

Dr. Heavenly refers to herself as a ‘relationship expert’ and invites the ladies sans Mariah over for dinner.

The conversation is quite entertaining as she points out everyone’s issues one-by-one.

  • Quad is lucky to have a doctor husband.
  • Dr. Jackie needs to submit to her husband.
  • Dr. Simone needs to engage in oral sex with her husband.
  • Toya is lying about the closing and spending all of her husbands money.

This woman is shockingly inappropriate!

Next week she will take it to Mariah and her mother, Lucy.  Can’t wait for that!

Watch Episode 8 Here