Married to Medicine Season 2, Episode 9Married to Medicine, Season 2, Episode 9 opens with the ladies and their kids but no one’s scene stood out more than Dr. Heavenly and her eight-year old daughter.

It’s amazing to see how tolerate Heavenly is with her smart-ass daughter but has zero tolerance and patience with others.  Can’t wait until the reunion and someone calls her out on that.

Dr. Simone and Dr. Jackie meet for lunch. I’m glad to see the behind the scenes of medicine.  It’s definitely long hours and hard work but even more so, this show has served to humanize doctors like no other.

Though highly educated, some can be just as catty as any other professional.

Dr. Simone attempted to throw Toya under the bus with Mariah.  Not sure why-seemed very unnecessary, right?

Mariah mom and sister will defend her right or wrong.  I realize families are to stick together but I’m not one to uphold wrongness.

Someone needs to help Mariah by telling her the truth!  All this coddling is just feeding her neurosis.

Quad is determined to see her puppy couture line to fruition.  The fabric samples were beautiful.  I’m anxious to see her price points cause in business we know, cost rules everything.

Does anyone else find the childish banter between her and Reco Chapel irritating?

I’m so over the feud between her and Mariah.  It’s time to move on from that!  They will never be friends until Mariah gets help for her illness.

Lisa Nicole’s throws her daughter a princess party.  Her husband is very suspect but I digress.

She admits to living vicariously through her daughter (I think most parents are guilty of that somewhat).

Dr. Jackie can’t be serious about adoption.  The woman is none stop and seems so sensible in her professional life but emotionally lost.

Her office manager, Keisha was insubordinate in their meeting.  The exchange was a bit much and hopefully for TV drama.  I can’t imagine her being tolerate of that in real life.

Reco meets with Quad at her home.  He immediately asks for a drink and fills her in on more Mariah drama.  She has served him with a restraining order (which I hear she was unable to prove her position in court and lost the case).

The princess party is over the top like most reality TV parties.  Mariah shows up late once again only this time, Lisa Nicole instructed the doorman to make her wait outside.  Perfect!

After the etiquette coach completed her presentation, the doorman allows Mariah and clan to proceed inside with a flower thrower and all.

Just ridiculous!!!!

Dr. Simone advises Mariah that by vote, she is not invited on the couples trip.  She seemed to take the news in stride; however, her sister and mother were ready to amp things up.

Lucy (Mariah’s mom) like Mama Joyce is simply put an embarrassment!

Mariah’s husband quickly came to move her along before things became too heated between her and Dr. Heavenly.

Like I said, Dr.Heavenly has words of advice for everyone but the grown-child living under her roof.

It wouldn’t be reality TV if an inappropriate conversation didn’t take place at the most inopportune time.

The table conversation was one of these moments.

Toya had to clarify her position on the couple’s trip as Dr. Simone made it seem that Toya didn’t want Mariah to attend.  She said she simply wanted Quad to attend.

Next week, Quad’s husband slices her a piece of humble pie.  Can’t wait!!

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