Married to Medicine Season 3 Reunion Part 1
Married to Medicine Season 3 Reunion Part 1

Married to Medicine Season 3 Reunion Part 1 was a little lackluster.  Everyone was on the couch sans Jill and the Queen Bee herself, Mariah who for whatever reason; saw fit to make her grand entrance at the end of the episode saying, “The show is just starting.” 

Yes, you must be thinking like I…delusions of grandeur, right?  I’m telling you there’s a couch in Atlanta with Mariah’s name sprawled across it and it seems as though she hasn’t made her appointment based on promos for next week’s episode.

Anyway, for the most part all of the ladies looked nice.  I didn’t particularly care for Toya nor Quad’s wigs but I’ve seen worse.

Things got a little awkward for Toya when Andy asked about her friend Jill Connors.

I don’t understand why she felt the need to elaborate on such a sensitive topic.  Unless Jill gave her explicit permission to speak on it; she was totally out of line.

Jill’s situation is apparently so dire, all of the women including Dr. Heavenly showed compassion.

Heavenly didn’t have to pour salt on that wound because her motto has been, “every woman should have her own” and Jill like many other women are unfortunately living proof of this.

She did say and I was happy that she acknowledged this publicly, “Dr. Jackie is the only one that has maintained her composure,” and yes, that should be commended.

I’ve met Dr. Jackie and can say; she is truly who she appears to be on camera.

With that said, most of the others have disgraced themselves or their spouses to some extent but that’s almost required for “reality” TV isn’t it?

Heavenly, I think did overreact at times with Jill and Toya expressed that quite well.

Her disposition however, struck me as odd and though I’m not wishing this on her and Dr. Eugene; it wouldn’t surprise me to learn they’re driving down splitsville lane.

Quad, just seems mean and unforgiving.

Lisa Nicole seemed well rehearsed on how to effectively clean up her image and I think it worked!  When all else fails; over an apology and keep it moving.

Next week the husbands join the fun.

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