Marrying The Game Season 3, Episode 2
Marrying The Game Season 3, Episode 2

Marrying The Game, Season 3, Episode 2 is full of cuteness!  The Game and Tiffany are still adjusting to living separate lives.

The separation has left Tiffany with many unresolved feelings so she decides to put her thoughts to good use by writing a children’s book.  The book will focus on helping kids deal with separation and divorce.

She met with a colleague/author who encouraged her to begin by jotting down her ideas.  Tiffany later met with Omarosa from Celebrity Apprentice fame (who knew they were friends) for a girls chat.  She gave her good advice saying the book would be therapeutic for her as well and at some point she just needed to move-on from The Game.

The Game’s “Robin Hood Project’ held a fundraiser bowling event.  Several familiar faces came out to support and it was fun times for all.

I can’t say enough how adorably sweet the kids are!

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