Marrying The Game Season 3, Episode 4
Marrying The Game Season 3, Episode 4

Marrying The Game, Season 3, Episode 4 found little-miss Cali “struck by the acting bug” so Tiffany decided to take her to meet a casting director.

Cali like most three-year old became shy during audition so Tiffany saw fit to meet with Sonya Norwood, Brandi and Ray J’s mom for direction.

Sonya warned her about the tough nature of the business and advised her to allow Cali to just be three, saying kids change their minds all the time.

I was so happy to hear Sonya say that!  Cali is as cute-as-a-button but Hollywood has been known to exploit children, robbing them of their innocence so lets hope her smile remains pure as long as it can.

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